The number one payment processor to Brazil

Pontual Money Transfer is trusted as the number one payment processor dedicated to Brazil. Founded in 2005 and located in Manhattan Beach, California, Pontual offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions.

With over a decade doing business in the traditional brick-and-mortar agent model, the company has been offering safe, fast, and transparent payment services with an agent network of more than 2,000 locations.

Having the largest payout network in Brazil, Pontual provides payment solutions in local currency throughout direct bank deposits, cash pickup, bill payments, reload prepaid phones and more.

More recently Pontual has evolved becoming a payment technology developer. In 2014 the company released an online and mobile App platform to exclusively serve the Brazilian community in the US. In 2017, after launching its new global brand USEND, the company enables users from local different communities to have a reliable and multi-service platform to send money abroad.

Pontual also developed a complete solution for payments to business and individuals. This technology enables Mass Payout services thru a robust tailored API integration.